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For too long, Covid-19 has been a shadow hanging over us, changing our habits and lifestyles, causing individuals, services and businesses to reinvent their daily lives.

In this worrying climate, Need Robotics, a specialist in robotics, has turned to a revolutionary solution to reduce the risks: a mobile ultraviolet disinfection robot, the UVD robot, born from the assembly of a mobile robot (AGV) and a UV treatment module (UVD).

Need Robotics offers a mobile ultraviolet disinfection solution and revolutionizes the decontamination process in hospitals and all other establishments open to the public: Ephad, Concert Hall, Waiting Room, School,…


  •  Fully autonomous mobile solution,
  •  Fast and efficient disinfection process,
  •  Easy to use on a daily basis,
  •  Viruses, bacteria, spores, destroyed at 99,9%,
  •  Routine disinfection in 10 minutes.




Need Robotics offers a MULTIFUNCTION variant.

Dismantle the UVC module: The robot becomes operational for transport of any kind

In addition to decontamination, other functions allow professionals in various sectors (industrial, institutional, etc.) to automate their internal transport simply, safely and quickly. 

How it works:

  •  Emits concentrated UV-C radiation on low, medium and high contact surfaces, Décélère automatiquement devant les objets,
  •  Moves around a workspace in the presence of people (light and sound signals),
  •  Has its own internal mapping,
  •  Optimises the coverage area on its own.

Time of use managed by the control panel :

✔️ Independently tested and approved in a real hospital environment

Contact Sales Department :
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