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Automation with robotics has found its way into many different areas of manufacturing. Robots perform tasks such as welding, assembly, shipping, raw material handling and product packaging.

NEED-Robotics partners with leading robot manufacturers to ensure that the right system is selected to guarantee future-proof production. 

With the capabilities of collaborative robotics to handle a diverse range of products, presents many advantages, the industry finds an undeniable ally.

The proof is in the pudding: low cost, high reliability, short cycle times, excellent versatility, short and quick return on investment, flexibility and quick and easy changeover.

Whether you are looking to automate small or large batches, fragile or robust parts, NEED-Robotics works with you to fully understand your production process and help you choose the right solution.

Multiple fields of application:

  • Assembly,
  • Completion,
  • Picking, un-picking,
  • Line loading and unloading,
  • Palletizing and packaging
  • Machining and metallurgy works,
  • Quality control, testing and inspection…

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