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What is the difference between traditional robots and cobots?

Industrial robotic arms help your companies strengthen their competitive advantage and reduce costs by enabling the automation of key processes that enhance worker safety, speed production and improve productivity.

Conventional industrial robots are power plants that perform their work according to a fixed program, without regard for the people around them. Fences and cages are used to prevent accidents.


Cobots, however, are specifically designed to work with people, not just for them. Rather than using fences and cages, they work in a cooperative environment and assist with complex tasks that cannot be fully automated.
Cobots are designed to work seamlessly with their human colleagues.
They stop at the slightest touch thanks to sophisticated sensors, to avoid any danger to people nearby. Closed areas and safety fences are no longer necessary.


Highlights :  

  •  Can be used anywhere
  •  Flexible
  •  Smart” and safe behavior
  •  Relieves risky activities


Mobile Robotics: AGV & AMR

Mobile and collaborative robots and internal transport automation solutions.

The mobile robots (AGV), are capable of autonomously transporting a load of 100kg respectively 1 000kg.

They efficiently and safely avoid fixed or mobile obstacles. They are expandable with the help of various additional modules.

Fleet management systems allow the fast and centralized configuration of the robot fleet.


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