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The field of application is the main criterion for defining your industrial robot.

Depending on the final task of the robot, there are four main types of robots to choose from: articulated, Cartesian, SCARA or parallel. Each of these robots has its own advantages and constraints, such as the number of axes, maximum load or range of action.

“Each of these criteria will then help to refine your choice. “

NEED Robotics focuses on quality robotic solutions at the right price. We have chosen the best robot brands in the industry, offering more options to choose from. We also offer customised solutions, incorporating safety and increased product performance.

” Robotics to find out how to go faster!”

Mobile robots can easily adapt to changes in your production. Your conveyor belt is rigid and moving the conveyor belt is very time consuming. These mobile robots will save you costly downtime because you will not have to rearrange.

“The arrival of collaborative robots is revolutionising the #industrial world”


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